The purpose of a resume is to get your foot in the door and get that interview. In today’s tough economy, that is not always easy. For a typical job opening, an employer may receive hundreds of resumes and most of those resumes look the same. In order to catch an employer’s eye, your resume has to stick out.

Resume Pricing

Prices are based on how much work your resume requires, plus how fancy or how simple you want to get, as you chose from Entry Level, Mid-Range and Executive Level packages. We quote prices within the first 15 minutes of your initial consultation.

Turnaround Time

We’ll have an attention getting resume for you within 7 days. If you need something sooner, we’ll need to apply a rush charge.

Nothing is free, but the first consultation comes at no cost to you. One of our resume writers will spend up to 30 minutes interviewing you to find out what type of job you are seeking. Although we can highlight your education and experience, we can’t turn an orange into an apple. We’ll let you know if we can write a resume that will get you your desired interview, and as mentioned above, we’ll give you pricing packages.

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